HyPerComp Engineering Inc. is located in Utah, about an hour north of Salt Lake City just off Exit 365 of Interstate 15 in North Brigham City.

Airport Directions

The drive takes about an hour from the Salt Lake City airport.

•   Upon leaving the rental car area proceed to the airport exit.
•   Take I-80 East bound (toward Ogden/Provo) for about 1.5 miles.
•   Go North bound on I-215 (toward Ogden) for another 7 miles. 
•   I-215 will merge with I-15 North bound. Proceed North bound on I-15 for 53 miles to Brigham City.
•   Take Exit 365 (Corrine/900 South) and turn left, East onto Utah State Road 13 at the stop sign at the bottom of the off-ramp.
•   Proceed East bound on Utah 13 (straight toward the mountains). The road will merge with Brigham City's Main Street.
•   Just prior to the merge, there is an intersection. Turn left (North) at this intersection onto Main Street.
•   HyPerComp is located at 1080 North Main Street in a very large white cinder block building.
•   If you have gone into Brigham City on Main Street, you are headed South and must turn around and go north. 

Call our front desk (435-734 -1166) for any help you may need.

1080 North Main Street
Brigham City, UT 84302

Contact Us

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(435) 734-1166 Office
(435) 723-0324 Fax


1080 North Main Street
Brigham City, UT 84302

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