HyPerComp Engineering



Founded in 1996 by its President, James Patterson, HyPerComp Engineering Inc. (HEI) specializes in the design, analysis, development, testing, manufacture, and certification of filament wound high pressure composite vessels for diverse applications. Innovation is HEI’s core competence, rooted in our heritage on the cutting edge of the space composites industry and distinguishes us as a leader in breakthrough technologies for lighter, stronger and safer pressure vessels and structures. In addition, our customers benefit from HEI’s close relationships with and ready access to leading COPV industry participants ranging from material and machinery suppliers, independent testing agencies, regulatory agencies, to aerospace and automotive OEM’s and their supply chains. The result for the client is a flexible, experienced and innovative source for even the most challenging requirements.

HEI’s innovative expertise is underscored by our recent role in the development of next-generation storage vessel solutions for both the automotive and military aerospace industries. Not only did HEI successfully supply the first “proof of concept” extreme high pressure gaseous and cryogenic compressed Hydrogen automotive COPVs to the world’s leading automotive OEMs in the early adaption of Hydrogen, but also supplied the US military with ultralight fuel storage COPVs for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles enabling record setting flight endurance capabilities.

Further COPV innovations include ballistic damage tolerance, non-catastrophic failure capabilities, cryogenic storage and extreme light weight technologies. The applications range from commercial and military aerospace, offshore oil and gas, medical, breathing apparatus and recreational to industrial gas infrastructure. Ultra high pressures, exceptional cycle life and extreme operating environments typify many of our clients’ technical challenges. We also optimize Type 2, Type 3 and Type 4 designs for maximum manufacturing economy. HEI is strategically networked with the world’s leading COPV material suppliers and is intimately familiar in the properties and applications of most commercially available composite fibers and resins, as well as liners.

HEI not only offers these technical services, but is open to strategic partnering, creative joint development, technology licensing and toll manufacturing as options for our clients.


From characterizing a composite structure’s various component materials, identifying the optimal combinations and manufacturing processes to ensuring repeatable quality for long-lasting and predictable results, HEI’s unique capabilities in composite pressure vessels offer a comprehensive suite of services ranging from simple testing and analysis to full-service turn-key new product design, development and certification.

HEI has significant experience in filament winding both thick and thin walled high pressure composite cylinders and tubular structures for many varied applications. Our cylinder solutions include our specialization in type 2, type 3 and type 4 composite pressure vessels which encompass the vast majority of current market applications and requirements.


 HyPerComp Engineering Inc. is located in Utah, about an hour north of Salt Lake City just off Exit 365 of Interstate 15
in North Brigham City. This location lies within the high tech corridor that stretches from ATK/Thiokol's Space Operations facility, in Northern Utah to Salt Lake City and is considered the center of the USA's most concentrated "composites" industry. Carbon Fiber material suppliers, and filament winding equipment builders, etc., are all considered local neighbors, and facilitate efficiency within our organization. 

The advanced composites industry benefits from the support of highly specialized local academic research institutions with composites engineering focus as well as an abundance of skilled technicians, engineers and labor force intimately familiar with the composites industry. The State of Utahrecognizes the priority of advanced composites to the State’s economy and has a formal “Advanced Composites, Aerospace and Alternative Energy Industry” economic development “cluster” dedicated to supporting the State’s existing composites firms and incentivizing those that would consider locating here. Hill Air Force base, located in the heart of the Northern Utah Corridor, is home to one of the US Air Forces two Composites maintenance facilities.