HEI specializes in design, development, testing and certification services for a customer’s relevant regulatory standard, code and governing agency. Typical regulatory standards include NGV and ISO, as well as codes designated by the world’s regulatory agencies such as: “DOT” in the USA, “TüV” in Germany, “CE” in Europe, KHK in Japan, CNSCPV in China, and Transport Canada in Canada. HEI has long-standing relationships with the Independent Inspection Agencies that play a critical role in ensuring successful certification of products for the multiple global regulatory requirements, be they commercial, aerospace or military. Listed below is a typical sampling of tests involved in this process, although each product has its own unique set of requirements for which HEI can formulate a successful certification plan.

• Bare liner burst test
• Hydrostatic burst test
• Ambient cycle test
• Environmental cycle test
• Flaw test
• Impact or drop test
• Gunfire test
• Bonfire test
• Acid test
• High temp' creep test
• Gas cycling test
• Accelerated stress rupture test
• Liner material property test
• Ambient proof test
• Salt-water immersion compressive test
• Permeability test
• Oxidizing gases compatibility test
• Torque test
• Neck strength test
• Cycle stability test
• Leak before break test